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“Sì, la Basilicata esiste, Esiste! E’ un pò come il concetto di Dio: ci credi o non ci credi. Io credo nella Basilicata, l’ho vista… ” – Rocco Pappaleo, Basilicata coast to coast

Basilicata, also known by it’s ancient name Lucania, has been described as Italy’s best-kept secret. To get to know Basilicata represents a real unique and wonderful experience. This is a land with open nature free from tourists and contamination. It doesn’t matter if you as a visitor has a curiosity of exploring and travel over mountain tops and hills that offer breathtaking and unusual panoramas, or if you want to see cities full of history. Not to forget all untouched seaside towns with clear water and never ending beaches of fine, golden sand where the Greeks settled down VIII B.C. While the nearby region of Puglia has become popular for sightseeing, Basilicata is a region where the food and wine have remained authentic and untouched by mass tourism. The people welcome visitors with a genuine hospitality that makes every guest feel like a local.

Wherever you travel in Basilicata you will explore something new every time. As when you find a new small and picturesque town on the top of that hill that you didn’t know about before. You get to know new people and new local specialities in a small restaurant and when you drive down on the other side of the hill there is a new type of landscape. Sometimes it looks like a moon landscape with the hills made of clay, sometimes like Toscana and you never know what will wait for you after the next crest.

Below we present some of the most beautiful short videos trying to explain what it is that is so special about the wonderful region Basilicata. Enjoy!

Only three minutes. Three minutes to let everyone understand what Basilicata really is. The director is the great Francis Ford Coppola who originates from the village Bernalda in Basilicata.

“7 Artists. 7 Days. 7 Videos.
We’ve imported some of the most creative minds around to work on our Digital Diary of Italy. We’ve got young photographers, video makers, animators on the project to give us their impression of Italy.
Totally subjective. Undemocratic. Creative.”

Below follow some of their really nice videos giving a honest and beautiful picture of Basilicata where they spent some time to explore this wonderful region.

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