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Restoration costs

Restoration costs

Many of the properties listed on our site are in need of renovation. Some more than others and further to this we can also offer plots of land where one could realize their dream house starting completely from scratch. Restoration costs will obviously vary a lot depending on how much work has to be done as well as which materials etc. one choose to use.

Essential in having a satisfying result is to collaborate with the right professionals. EnotriaMia has many years of experience in helping our clients with these tasks, working directly with different building companies, geometra, architects etc. in the area and we are confident in giving you the right contacts when renovating or building a property.

An extremely rough estimation of what you can expect to pay is between €900 and €1250/m2 for building a property, including work performed by the geometra, insurances etc. Dont be afraid to buy just a plot of land; you will generally buy this much cheaper than a house where the 4 walls are still standing, but often the amount of work to be done will be identical.

If you aren’t able to be on site during the whole process, don’t worry. EnotriaMia will be abel to act as supervisors during the process and having a regular follow up contact over phone, email, videos etc. Visits would, of course, still be necessary but the day to day management of the work could be safely left in the hand of EnotriaMia.

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