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Currency Exchange when buying a property in Italy

Buying a property in Italy means transferring and exchanging money. The payment is usually done in two steps in the purchasing process:

  • When signing the preliminary contract – down payment of 10-30%
  • When completing the final deed at the notary – final balance is paid.

For these stages you will need Euro for the purchase of your Italien property and by using a Foreign exchange dealer you will be able to maximise the exchange rate. We at EnotriaMia are in contact with several well known and reputed foreign exchange firms where our customers will get a professional service organizing international payments in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner. These firms have experience of transferring money at the appropriate time and they can ensure that you, the purchaser achieve the best possible rate for transference from any currency into Euros when you are buying your Italian house.

After the purchase of your Italian property there will probably be regular bills etc. for you to pay concerning your Italian property. The Currency Dealer can also be of assistance in helping you set up these regular monthly payments to your own Italian bank account. These can be transferred at your convenience and with a view to obtaining the best rate for you the purchaser on an ongoing basis.

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