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Yearly costs owning a property in Italy

Yearly costs owning a property in Italy

Property taxes

Who owns a property in Italy pays yearly a tax previously called ICI (Imposta Comunale sugli Immobili) but now the new property tax is called IMU (Imposta Municipal Unica). The rates are decided by the individual municipalities, however they can range from a minimum of 0.2% to a maximum of 0.6% for the first house, while for a second home the rates vary from a minimum of 0.46% to a maximum of 1.06%.

Rubbish tax

TARSU, or rubbish tax, is calculated on the size of your property i.e. on the number of square metres of the building and is paid once a year.


ENEL sends out electricity bills (bollette) that are exstimated every two months. Twice a year these are adjusted after the meters have been read. When completing the final deed EnotriaMia will be able to help you to transfer the supply into your name for a small fee. The power supply varies from 1.5 kW to 6kW and you can be sure that it will be hard to use the tumble direr and a ahri drier at the same time. Most houses run on 3kW, which means that if you put too much strain on the supply you will blow a fuse. To go around this you can of course pay to have your supply upgraded to the maximum 6kw.

Gas supply

Gas in Italy is expensive, almost as the electricity, and usually used as the fuel to heaten up properties. If you buy your home in a town you will probably be connected to the mains gas. On the country side however most people use gas tank (bombolone) sited outside the house, below the ground. This is a cheaper option than getting your home connected to the mains, and it’s cheaper than powering with electricity. Gas bills go out every two months.

Water supply

The price for the water supply is agreed between ACEA (Azienda Comunale Energia e Ambiente) and the local commune. This can vary with rainfall, the size of reserves and how much water you use. When it comes to Basilicata the water supply is not a problem as the region is full of water. In outher places in Italy the water supply can sometimes be a big problem and thus prices are also very high. Sometimes it can be for ex. rationed to a certain number of litres per month. Again, EnotriaMia will be able to help you to transfer the supply into your name for a small fee after completion of the final deed. Water bills are paid approximately three times per year.

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