Property consultants in Basilicata, south Italy

About us

About us

Life and Real Estate

Enotria Mia is a company mediating properties by Real Estate agents Italy. We are known for the personal touch that is the foundation that our company has been built on.

We see our job as a lifestyle – a way of living and thinking and we love what we do. It’s a very personal and tender job as the property that we mediate for a client is where they put their head on a pillow every night. We can take that assignment and we understand completely how fragile this process is.

EnotriaMia is as unique as every client that purchase a property!

The property is a place that you will call your “home” and thus we listen very carefully in order to completely understand what your needs are. After but also before a selling process we are often involved in renovation projects and we have a very clear philosophy. In each restoration project we wish to leave a memory from the past and a gift for the presence, respecting the nature and architecture of the area.

We have many years of experience and our aim is to facilitate a purchase for a non Italian citizen. At the same time we make it possible for a real estate agent in Italy to make their properties visible to people abroad. With our knowledge and experience we can offer you a complete service, from initial contact with the real estate agent, viewing through to completion of the sale. At the same time we are often involved also in setting up contacts and contracts with contractors if a restoration process in needed. We have a broad contact net within Italian professionals (including Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Builders, Landscapers) working directly for us, guiding you throughout the purchase and restoration process. We know the language and dialects, way of doing business and the Italian complex bureaucracy.

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